Bitch Repellent Candles


Bitch Repellent, is a fabulous way to keep that certain someone away. This pure soy candle has the perfect mix of notes with plums, strawberries, and pears. It has a soft feminine aroma that will pleasantly fill your home, while keeping a certain someone away.

A funny gift to make someone smile.

The label reads, “Light this candle up to keep that bitch away. This classy  scent will drive her far far away. For best results enjoy a glass of wine with this candle anytime of day or night. Enjoy with friends who will appreciate her absence.“

Great as a gift, ex-girlfriends, and any bitch that crosses your path.

– Pure soy wax for a slow, long lasting burn

– Self trimming, cotton braided wick

– Every candle is handmade with consistent methods for the best quality every small batch.

– Candles have the maximum usage of fragrance oil for strength and safety

Made of Pure organic soy wax, All natural cotton braided wick, Non toxic, Dibutyl Phthalate free fragrance oil, 8 oz classic mason jar with metal lid

Dimension : Width 2.75″

Height 3.75″

Length 2.75″


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