Snippets of New Orleans


Snippets of New Orleans

By Emma Fick

Snippets are fragments of things. They are people observed, foods consumed, ornaments spotted: a man on a streetcar, crawfish shells on the sidewalk, an ornate cornstalk-shaped fence. Artist and author Emma Fick believes that to immerse oneself in a place means to try and hold all its elements, past and present, grandiose and mundane, in a single plane of vision. This is, of course, impossible. The result is fragments, vignettes. This book is her most earnest and honest reflection of New Orleans: triumphant and tragic, gaudy and gritty, elegant and ugly, rich and poor, a city that embodies all these and other polar opposites with a perverse kind of grace.

Snippets of New Orleans is 248 pages of text and illustrations all about New Orleans: its music, food, architecture, people, eccentricities, and traditions.

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